We are with you every step.

The vast majority of individuals building custom homes across the country are unhappy with the lack of communication they receive as their home is under construction and the feeling of being "handed off" from one department to the next throughout the construction process.

To alleviate that experience, we personally walk you through the plan design, color and product selections, the entire construction experience, and all of your post-construction needs. Your experience is of vital importance to us and we will do whatever it takes to make sure we exceed all your expectations as we build your dream home.

We realize building a custom home is stressful and there is little to no margin for error. There are over 800,000 parts and pieces that go into the average new home. The average chain fast food restaurant consistently gets 15% of your order incorrect. Can you imagine if that level of detail and inaccuracy happened during the construction of your home? When your house is finished, there may be a handful of items that need to be adjusted or corrected which shows our level of attention to detail and accuracy.